Jewelry In Candles Banana Nut Bread Reveal

banananutbreadcandle-2-450x450Today is jewelry reveal day here at YUMeating. I was excited and I didn’t want to keep it to myself, especially since my candle was Banana Nut Bread.  I guess that also means I have a Jewelry In Candles update. For those of you who have been keeping up with my new site, I posted an update back in January about some issues the company was having and how that spread into its direct sales agents. I was one that got caught in the crossfire along with so many. After my original post I had to go back and update it.

My Jewelry In Candles store is still active and I have not asked to have my store closed. I really was upset but at the same time I know growth is hard. I was angry about the way they handled things and felt some of the practices were a little unprofessional.

However, they did try to make good on my order and do you know they still sent me my rep kit even after I had canceled the order?

For those wondering, yes I sent in a ticket and no I have not heard back.

When the package arrived I thought honestly it was a package from some penpals. The return address said nothing about candles. So, I opened it and was pretty shocked. I let the package sit on my floor in the office for over a week before I decided to just take a look at the sampler scents for the reps. Each one was pleasantly delightful. While there are some scents I do not prefer, I can’t say I hated any of them.


After smelling all the scents, I waited a few more days to deal with the candle. I am not sure what I was waiting for. I had smelled the Banana Nut Candle and was really excited to give it a go.

I guess I was waiting for Jewelry In Candles to tell me I needed to send it back.

As of today, that has yet to happen.

Well, I got tired of waiting and I figured once they replied to my ticket they could recharge my account if they had to. For now, I wanted to accept my ‘gift’ and see what surprise was in store for me. I specifically picked a ring, size 7. So, at least I knew a ring would be waiting for me.  My box also contained a free gift that many other reps received as well. A cute star necklace. I figure I’ll save that for a gift or give it to kiddo. I’m not super big on jewelry so I don’t see myself wearing it.

I burned the candle for a few hours. It had a wonderful scent that did not go away after a few minutes of burning. I was getting impatient so I used a warmed to speed up the process.

jic reveal yum

I received a very simple silver swirly ring. I did not see any sort of sterling silver stamp. It’s cute. Plain and simple just the way I like things. I’m not sure I’ll ever wear this and even though there are Jewelry In Candle jewelry swaps on Facebook, I don’t think this is fancy enough for a trade.

I’m still undecided about Jewelry In Candles. I really enjoy their products and feel their prices are some of the best on the market. I spent some time looking at a ton of other candle companies over the holidays when all the mess was going on and I could not find one that actually allowed you to pick your jewelry type and size.

There are quite a few jewelry in your candle alternatives. I see a them popping up all over the place. One that stands out quite a bit is Jewel Scent  because they actually sell more than just candles. Not only that, the candles seem to be priced quite a bit lower than most of the others. While they do have a requirement to buy a kit as part of their sign up, there are  now 3 to choose from. When I first checked out their consultant section there were only  two options. They have since added the $25 option. I wonder if this is due to people leaving other companies and seeking out at alternative.

Anyway, I am big on packaging. I guess from all those years in retail and all the marketing classes I had to deal with in college. I love the way Jewel Scent looks. I think their compensation plan is pretty good too. Might be worth a look if you are wanting to check out an alternative to Jewelry In Candles.

They also have a $10 month website fee, which I know will turn a lot of people off. But think about this — more product choice and cheaper prices means you are going to be able to sell to more customers. The website is beautiful and the products look pretty amazing. I am not a rep, nor have I signed up. I’m just stating that it looks like a great product and company compared to the others I have looked at.

Now, here is my big reveal video!



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      Thank you for stopping by. They smell really nice and I too like the concept. I’m just not sure about the company after everything I have been through and seen. I hope they can turn themselves around.

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