Get Ready... New Site is Coming

Website is still under construction so please pardon the mess.

As you can see things are a little empty around here. Not to worry, all the posts are here just as they were. We’re just going through them, making sure all the pics are in order and links work.

A lot has changed over the years. As some of you may remember, 3 years ago I went through a divorce and felt I had lost my writing voice along with the life I once had. So, I merged YUMeating with my lifestyle site, Nevermore Lane.

At the time, that worked. But as the years have gone by, I realize, cooking and food are my heart and even though Lifestyle sites have a recipe section most of the time, that is not what I wanted for Nevermore Lane. And now, I can do what I originally wanted with Nevermore Lane.

Life is going through some changes currently and while that is all good, it also means I can finally have a voice again and with that brings some changes to my spaces on the web. :)