Crockpot Turkey Smash #lowcarb #keto #sugarfree

Now that kiddo is here full-time, my food prep time is a bit more limited some days. With Mr. YUM working 12hr hospital shifts and not getting home until after 7:30pm, it’s up to me to make sure dinner is hot and ready to go.

I’ve always loved slow cooking. I do most of it on the stove since I am here all day. But, lately, I find myself using my Crockpot more. I can toss some ingredient in the pot in the morning when I am getting coffee and breakfast ready for us and then just let it go the rest of the day. By the time kiddo gets off the bus, we have a little snack to tide us over until her dad gets home.

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Don’t Miss the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly, MI

OMGosh y’all! Fall is lingering and I LOVE IT! There’s just something about the cooler temps and apple crisp everything! Mr. YUM and I went grocery shopping this morning and I loaded up on pumpkin spice goodies like coffee. A few weeks ago I spotted pumpkin spice maple syrup. There are just no words for that…… But, around these parts, the end of summer also means it’s time to bust out the Renaissance garb and head out to the annual Michigan Renaissance Festival!

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Chubby Duck – Flint, MI

Have you ever seen a giant roll of sushi? Me either. I find it odd since I simply adoooooooore sushi.   Mr. YUM and I have been to the Flint Farmers Market quite a bit these last few years. This summer we didn’t get a chance to go as often as we wanted to, so when we finally had a chance to go, we took it. I wanted to catch some summer greens before they were gone for the season. [Read more…]

Pizza Sketti

Pizza sketti. Cause, you know, that’s totally a word. #kidspeak

So, you  made the pizza pockets from Monday and now you are left with an open jar of sauce. Or, you have some leftover spaghetti. Maybe, you just want something new and fun to try! Things have changed a bit here on the YUM eating household. Kiddo is living here full-time since Mr. YUM now has full custody, so that means we’ve had to adjust our grocery budget a bit. While not a huge issue, we are having to go back to our roots a bit with making sure we don’t waste and find things that everyone will love. I’m certainly up for the challenge! [Read more…]