greeked out banana and honey

Greek -ed Out Bananas and Honey

Every once in a while I’ll toss some goods in a bowl and call it breakfast. Looks like I am having one of those times again. This little recipe is one of my favorites. It’s so good, I’ll often have it as dessert when I am trying to aim for a healthier option. It makes […]

pan fried noodles

The Yuck Stops Here {17} #stoptheyuck #linkparty

  So here we are, another party week and guess what? We’re also celebrating my birthday! So, head on over to the birthday post to enter my awesome radtastic birthday giveaway! 

ollo clip

Happy Birthday To Me {#Giveaway for You}

I mentioned last week that it was my birthday today. I’m still waiting on my presents to arrive from you guys. They were lost in the mail weren’t they? No matter. I still have a fabulous giveaway for you guys because I’m great like that. This isn’t a sponsor post or giveaway. This is all […]

tequila cherry lime

Sunshine Tequila Cherry and Lime

Summer’s almost over! Booooo But, it’s still here. Right? So we can still celebrate the sunshine and all its glory. And since we’re all adults here and I am sure some of you are in dire need of some relaxing adult time, I’m going to share with you a brand new drink I created.  True […]

cooking demo

Farmers Market Finds {3} : Cooking Demo

We made another trip to the Flint Farmers Market. A few weeks ago we weren’t able to make it and we stopped by the one in Grand Blanc. It was more of an arts and crafts fair and I was extremely disappointed. It was outside on a street that had been blocked off. It was […]

mostly egg white omelet

Mostly Egg White Turkey Omelet

Eggs, eggs. Glorious eggs. Boiled, poached, fried, scrambled, and in omelet form. I’ll take all of the above. I’m not a fan of runny eggs in any way, shape, or form.